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The Blacks in Government Parklawn Chapter is delighted to invite you to a special celebration for Black History Month on February 20, 2024, at noon via Zoom. This year, we are honored to have the distinguished NAACP Image Award nominee, New York Times Best Selling Author, acclaimed columnist, and political commentator Michel Harriot as our guest speaker.


Michel Harriot will be presenting his groundbreaking novel, Black AF History. This remarkable literary work has received widespread acclaim, including Amazon’s Top History Books of 2022, Barnes and Noble Best of Educational History, The Root’s Best of Books of 2023, and Chicago Public Library Favorite Books of 2023.  Black AF History is a compelling American history exploration that offers a more accurate and unapologetically provocative narrative. Harriot combines engaging storytelling with meticulous research, drawing from primary sources and the contributions of pioneering Black historians, scholars, and journalists.


This event promises to be an enlightening and inspiring experience, allowing us to delve into a more comprehensive understanding of our shared history. We encourage you to join us for an evening of celebration, education, and reflection.  We look forward to your presence as we honor the achievements and contributions of the Black community throughout history.

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